Can’t Take It Any More

For several years now, I have taken my mother-in-law and brother-in-law to their appointments, pharmacy, bank and to stores. I also ran errands such as shopping, buying cigarettes, picking up prescriptions and almost anything else that they wanted me to do.
But, I’m fed up and I “can’t take it anymore.” My mother-in-law almost never appreciates what I do for them. I can do 100 errands for them in a week; going to three, four or sometimes more places for them in one day; and I translate medical jargon into layman’s terms at the doctors’ offices. But, what do I get for all my trouble? $10 or less (sometimes $0) for “gas”, which I can deal with. But, then my mother-in-law will put me down, complain that I and/or my husband did something wrong and/or find something else to gripe about. She complained last night about them “being alone” but that is her own fault. She is a bitter and vindictive hag that’s made enemies with all of her neighbors and most of her brothers and sisters.
Well, I’ve decided that I’m not going to take her constant criticism and griping. I MIGHT take them to medical appointments, but I am NOT going to buy cigarettes, pick up prescriptions or go grocery shopping for them. She doesn’t need to be driving, but there are two taxi companies in town and groceries and prescriptions can be delivered.
Now, I’m sure that one or both of them will be even more angry than they are now, curse me and/or wish me dead. But, I’ve got to draw a line. I’ve got to say, “No. I will NOT get out and be your errand runner for more than two trips per week!” “No. I will NOT go get your cigarettes.” and/or “No. I will NOT stop at five different places.”

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