Hello, everybody.

Welcome to Jewel Ammons’ new blog. I decided to put several subjects together so I can write about whatever I wish! In this multi-purpose blog, I plan to share the following:

  • links to my Writing Sites, including my Writing blog (I still think my Writing needs to be separate.)
  • my exercise, fitness plan and other efforts to lose weight
  • how exercise can help with Writing, Depression, Anxiety, and Attention Deficit Disorder
  • using journals and creative writing to help with mood disorders
  • links and information about Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Depression
  • ideas about each subject
  • pieces from other websites and blogs with my thoughts on the subject
  • other links I use regularly

Bye for now,

Jewel Ammons Pinkston


2 thoughts on “Hello, everybody.

  1. Thank you for commenting, Jon. I found your Website and I’m looking it over. So far, it looks interesting!

    Would you help me keep this blog up to date? Will you send an e-mail to tjpinkston (at) netscape (dot) net if you don’t see a new post at least once per week?

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