HubPages information needed

I’m thinking about writing for HubPages, but I want all the information I can find before I make this decision. I had a terrible experience writing articles for as Evansville Genealogy Examiner and as Evansville Pets Examiner. With them, it took me three years to earn the minimum payout of $10!

I need to know, does anyone here writes for HubPages? If yes, please leave a reply or send an e-mail to jewel(dot)ammons@gmail(dot)com answering the following questions?

  • Do you make money on every post?
  • If yes, how much do you personally make for each piece of content? What is your monthly average from GoogleAds and other advertising?
  • If no, what draws you to HubPages? Does what you’re earning from advertising make it worthwhile?
  • If you write for HubPages and another organization, which do you recommend for a writer with three years of publishing experience who wants to make a decent amount of money ($6 or more) per post?

Thank you all for any assistance you can give me. I’m also open to your suggestions of where to publish my writing whether non-fiction or fiction. I’m currently working on several short stories and 2-3 novels in the fiction department.

Bye for now.


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