My Playground

Today’s “Daily Prompt” ask you to write about “A place from your past or childhood, ….” My playground is my imagination and it’s not only functioning, but functioning well. It travels with me and it’s part of me.

My playground lets me imagine my surroundings the way I want them to be. Want a gorgeous five bedroom cabin in the mountains? Done. Want a trip to a non-existent city? Done. Want to change the house you grew up in? Done. Want a different body (most of us do)? Want to change your sex, height, skin color? It can all be done on my playground.

What is better than that? My playground lets me play the parts of different characters and decide if I want to include that piece in a story. An over-active imagination can give you and/or your “part” a hundred different things to say about the same situation. Sometimes it’s fun to try each one and decide if it fits with this particular character. Then you have to decide how the other characters would react. My closet, a floor lamp, and/or a set a shelves can instantly transform into the other “people” my person is talking to. Are they outraged? Do they argue? Do they obey an order without question? It all depends on their particular personality.

Writers are sometimes thought of as loners, or  eccentric or just plain crazy. If you were to see me “playing”, you would probably call the men with the funny white coats. But, it helps me think. It helps me decide what parts of my “play” fit into the story I’m working on. Some writers do this through “storyboards” or “mind-maps”, but I just use my playground which is basically a theater in my head and I make a Play out of my ideas.

My playground is old: It’s been around since fourth grade or before. But, it doesn’t rust; it never needs new equipment and if the grass needs mowed, I just “imagine” a character to do that too.


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