Planning everything accomplishes nothing.

Daily Prompt: Comfort Zone by michelle w. on March 15, 2013  What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?

As you may guess from my title, I used to plan everything! I’d make detailed agendas with every thirty minutes filled in. It was so over-the-top (read: obsessive) with “planning” that my husband would ask if I had to pencil in bathroom breaks.

That isn’t too terrible, you may think. But, I’m also a major perfectionist. I had to re-do my list, usually in longhand, until it was immaculate. I would literally spend all day making a one week schedule.

And, you know what? I never followed the “program” for more than one day, if that. Therefore I accomplished nothing! I had nothing to show for my planning, but an extremely detailed itinerary that usually went in the trash.

Therefore, I resolved to try to establish routines. Instead of a particular time for everything, I tried doing things in a certain order. Best of all, I allowed myself to not be as meticulous about it. Therefore, routines worked a lot better! I actually went to the gym 2-5 times per week. I wrote on two or more days per week and I felt a lot better about myself!

But, why is that in past tense? Because I stopped going to the gym twice a week and I stopped writing twice a week. I don’t know when that happened, but I need to go back to my routine. I can do a few things with spontaneity, but writing or going to the gym are not among them.

Therefore, my answer to the question from the Daily Prompt is this: I need a routine! I might be able to mix in a little spontaneity here and there, but I definitely would not call it “laissez-faire” because my routine has to come first!



2 thoughts on “Planning everything accomplishes nothing.

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  2. Routines are very good and once it’s been established there’s not much you can do to break them and not get back on track. I have my Saturday morning/early afternoon scheduled to a tee, it’s also a routine. Now I have to adjust my routine because my usual 8:30 am allergy appointment is not available so I have to do things in reverse.

    Good luck with getting your routine back. One step at a time.

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