How many times has WordPress been hacked?

Hello, this is TheresaJewel and I just deleted a second “blog post” that was pure spam. It was supposedly written to ask you for donations by Dr. Nguyen Duc Kien, the Chairman of the Hanoi FC Vietnam. According to Wikipedia, Dr. Kien does exist, but why is he asking for funding when he has a “personal fortune estimated at over $90 million US dollars“?

I looked through a few of the proposed links and found this junk posted on the blog(s) of another person or two in addition to both of mine.

How do people keep hacking WordPress? What is it about WordPress that allows such easy access? I’m 99.9% sure no person figured out my new password, because I changed it to something I need to look up every time I sign in.

I decided to create a poll. This is for anyone with a blog, but I definitely want to hear from all WordPress users.

After you vote, I would love to hear from anyone who can tell me how to stop this. If I can’t stop it, I may go back to Blogger or my site.

Thank you for your advice.


4 thoughts on “How many times has WordPress been hacked?

  1. I only just made a blog on wordpress (less than 24 hours ago!) and I’m a little alarmed to hear of this! If it’s becoming such a problem, I too would love to hear about possible solutions.

    • Dear Sam (and others),

      I now use “Two Step” verification and I’m changing the password every month (or more often if needed) on WordPress. Another thing that helps (I think) is to always logout when you are through posting.

      In addition to these changes, I’m also making a new blog on and I will reveal its address soon. Please follow me there as well as here. I may decide to quit blogging here.

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