How depression feels

My husband and I are in the recovery stages of bronchitis (which is why I was absent for a few days). Sometime during this bout of a widely recognized illness, I thought about how it could be related to Depression. I had to type the following notes on my phone, but I decided to share them with you:

“Many people compare depression to having the flu. You do not feel like getting out of bed. You feel lethargic. You definitely do not want to go to work. 

“But, there is no shot for depression. There are no antibiotics to help. There are no sick days for depression and you definitely cannot call in sick for four hundred days in a row.”

Now, let me go a few steps further. Imagine that almost no one knew the symptoms of the flu (or take away the obvious ones such as coughing and fever). Pretend very few people knew how to treat the flu. Suppose most people did not recognize you were ailing at all, but continually told you to “cheer up” and/or “keep your chin up” or some other nonsense that didn’t help you a bit. You have unexplained pains and fatigue. You probably have GI problems and most of all, you can’t think straight more than half the time. But, no one understands you or your problems which frustrates you to no end.

Throw in the fact you don’t “get over” depression in a week or two but usually carry it with you for several years and you have an idea, just an inkling of what depression is like.

Depression is not “just the blues.” It is not “short-term.” But, there is help out there. The depressed person just has to look a lot harder than someone with the flu.


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Start (or Continue) a Journal

Today, my humble advice is to Start or Continue a Journal. If you haven’t already recorded your thoughts, feelings and/or questions, then start. Have a journal or diary? Then bring/keep it up to date.

If you’re just starting, you may wish to write in a notebook, diary or journal. Or, you may want to record your voice and/or you can try an online journal. Try one method and then another if you’re not sure how you want to record your thoughts. OR, you can keep separate journals for different topics.

You don’t have to write every day, but record good times as well as bad times. Journal when you have questions, when you’re confused, when you’re anxious or depressed, when you’re sad and when you’re happy.

I have listed Live Journal on the side for those who wish to try the online method. Users may choose to make their journal(s) private or public and you can search for public journals with similar subjects and/or problems.