Do you “Play” The Sims 2 or The Sims 3?

There is a decent reason I have only posted once in October 2013 for this blog: I have another blog with two October 2013 posts on it (so far). It’s called Addicted to The Sims or Sims 2 & 3 for short. There, I am telling fellow “Simmers” how-to build a Sim house (or lot) from a “real life” house plan.

Explaining how to do something isn’t easy, but I think it’s worth the time and effort. These posts use my love for words, my Architectural Drafting abilities and the main reason I “play” The Sims 2 or 3 — to “build” lots. Oh, I sometimes create a Sim or a Sim family and play with them for a while, but I only have one “family” that I’ve stuck with for any length of time.

Please check out Addicted to The Sims and see lots of pictures. It tells you part of what I do with my spare time and/or as procrastination. Most of the time, I don’t see it as procrastination because it uses one or more of my abilities. Sometimes I use what I “learn” from “playing” The Sims 3 (mostly) and The Sims 2 in my stories and my posts are Writing, aren’t they?

Ranch Style Home -- 3 bedrooms & 2 bath

Ranch Style Home — 3 bedrooms & 2 bath



P is for Procrastination


Writing (Photo credit: Pascal Maramis)

I didn’t come up with a title for R yet, but I found the following quote to be quite inspirational:

“Have you been procrastinating about writing? Spend 15 minutes writing about what you’ve been doing instead of writing.

Put it on your fridge for a couple of days as a reminder and then re-visit this prompt. This time, spend 15 minutes writing a plan on how you’re going to wipe out procrastination. Put it on the fridge and use it as a checklist to start writing consistently on your own terms.”

This comes from

I wanted to share this with everyone who has problems with procrastination. Try it out and see if it helps you.