I suffered from panic attacks for years (still have one now and then) and this repeats almost everything I was told by counselors. I might add “Close Your Eyes (unless you’re driving)” while you’re breeeathing..

The fear of telling someone, such as a boyfriend/girlfriend is probably the most difficult to overcome. But, the best way to handle that is to just do it and try not to worry about what he/she will think. Break the circle of being afraid to share your anxiety.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. --Ernest Hemingway

One of the biggest problems I have come across since I was diagnosed with an anxiety problem is that it is something people don’t understand. And when we don’t understand things, we will either 1) seek more information or 2) go with whatever assumptions come to mind and think they are facts. Everyone experiences anxiety in their lives, but a lot of people are able to cope easily and move on. Unless you have the kind of anxiety that terrorizes your existence, though, it is hard to understand, and even harder to explain.

Anxiety is like a fear response internally. Your body is perceiving some sort of threat, whether or not that threat actually exists. Here lies the toughest part: how do you explain the anxiety when there is no clear reason for it? On the weekend I was in a book store with my boyfriend, and I started to…

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Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

This probably belongs down near the beginning of the blog but it was written on June 14, 2011. Now I’ve decided to include it on this blog.
           You should always see a doctor if you have at least half the following problems:
·        unexplained, long term or frequent sadness
·        anxiety including feeling jittery, wanting to hide or panic attacks
·        unexplained weight loss OR weight gain – most people say this should have happened in the last six months, but if you can narrow it down to any six month period, I say it counts
·        changes in your personality or reactions, such as from calm and collected to angry and abrasive or the opposite
·        you’re often angry or dissappointed with yourself
·        losing jobs because you’re “too slow,” because you get nervous or because you can’t concentrate

Tough Two Weeks

I’ve had a rough, stressful two weeks. My mother-in-law fell off a ladder two weeks ago today. It took three or four days for her to go to the doctor.

Today, I went to the wedding reception of one of my sisters. At first, I felt out of place — there were a lot of people there and I didn’t know most of them. Having kids playing and strangers passing by brought out the worst “social anxiety” I’ve felt in a long time. But, the food was ready within 45 minutes and we gathered in groups to eat. I started feeling more comfortable after we all sat down. We ate outside in/on her carport and at tables lined up on her back yard.