How I Cured My Anxiety

Here’s a terrific post from Charlie Hoehn. I think it’s time for me to go buy a coloring book.


UPDATE: As of July 2013, this article is the #1 search result on Google for “how to cure anxiety.” In this post, you will learn about the key breakthrough I had that freed me from my mental prison. More than anything else, this change in how I viewed the world gave me my life back. It’s helped tens of thousands of readers, and I hope it can help you as well.

If you’re interested in reading my short memoir, which includes my weekly schedule and every technique that helped cure my anxiety, click here.

Now… on with the post!

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For a long time, I thought I was going crazy. I’d convinced myself that something horribly wrong was about to happen. I thought I would be stabbed, shot, or arrested every time I left my apartment. I was sure that there was an impending disaster that would melt the…

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How to leave a comment

I have received a few complaints about not being able to leave a comment on a post. On the other hand, there are more comments left which are singled out as Spam by Askimet. I’d like to address both problems.

First, I will deal with leaving a comment. If you can’t leave your feedback on a blog’s main page (mine or anyone else’s), please click on a particular post. Each post has its own distinct link and you can always write a comment at the bottom. In order for your feedback to be accepted (at least on most blogs), you must supply a link to your website. A person who isn’t a member of must also give an email address on a WordPress blog.

As I said, there are several people who have left comments but will never see them. Why? You followed the rules above, didn’t you? Your comment(s) are in the “Spam” folder because Askimet doesn’t allow links in your feedback and it doesn’t like websites that advertise a product or service. That’s a smart “Spam Filter” if you ask me.

Once in a great while, I will “Un-spam” a comment. However, the feedback must look legitimate to me before I will do so. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect me to “Un-spam” a comment which asks how to host a blog, how to “code”, or how to use SEO when your website says you work for a company that advertises one or more of those services.

What can you do if you want you truly want to leave a reply, but you are part of a company selling products or services? You can fill out the Comment Form below. Be sure to explain why I should make an exception to your otherwise “Spam” feedback that does not involve selling anything to me or to my followers!

Liebster Award – Official Acceptance

On Mother’s Day (May 12, 2013), I was going through pending comments and found marta87wink had nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you, Marta. I was astounded to say the least.

I already thanked Marta, but it took me almost a week to meet all the rules (see below). So, I present my official acceptance.

Liebster Blog Award
Liebster Blog Award 

“The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, and nominated by fellow bloggers. Liebster is a German word meaning sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.”


Here are the important Liebster rules!

  • List 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  • Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
  • Choose 5 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate for the Liebster Award.
  • Go to each blogger’s page and let them know about the award.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.


 11 Facts about Me

  1. Writing in longhand is my favorite way to “discover” things. This also frees me from having a particular place to write.
  2. I wrote a song when I was in the fourth grade.
  3. During high school, I dreamed of being an architect or a singer. I still often wish I had become an architect.
  4. I was born in Chicago in February, 1960. But, my parents moved to Kentucky when I was four.
  5. Researching is actually enjoyable to me. I’m also working on my genealogy.
  6. I always took copious notes in school. Sometimes, I fell behind because I was trying to write everything down.
  7. Seven is my favorite number and yellow is my favorite color.
  8. I married my college sweetheart in 1983 and we’re staying together “… til death do you part.”
  9. My husband and I have a son who was born in 1987.
  10. I was 12 or 13 when my parents separated and they had five children at the time. Child # 6 came when I was 17 and child # 7 when I was 21.
  11. Notebooks and journals are my obsession, my precious. I have 25-30 in all different sizes.

Answers to Marta’s Questions

 1. Why are you writing?

Writing is one of the few tools I know of where I can create anything I want to. It helps me figure out things and I find it healing.

2. Where do you look for inspiration?

Usually inspiration comes to me (sometimes in the middle of the night). When I need a little help, I read and/or research about my desired subject.

3. What is one thing that you regret most in your life?

My regrets are probably in the thousands and it’s extremely difficult to pick “one thing.”

4. What is one thing you are most proud of in your life?

I celebrated my 30th anniversary with my husband. We had some extremely rough patches, but we stayed together despite them.

5. Tell us one amazing thing that happened to you in the last month.

I found out my writers’ group is going to be in the local newspaper. I started it over five years ago with only four people and now we have 21 members.

6. Do you believe in magic?

Yes. I believe magic happens right in front of us every day.

7. If you could talk for 15 minutes with someone who is long dead, who would it be?

I would talk to my dad. He died from “complications of Alzheimer’s disease” in 2003, but he didn’t know anyone for about three years before that.

8. Do you have your favourite motivational quote? If so, tell us about it.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. ~ Thomas A. Edison
This quote tells us that you don’t fail unless you quit trying!

9. What is your favourite place to write?

My couch/sofa is where I most commonly sit to write my first draft. I often go through two or three edits in longhand as well.

10. Do you have a pet? If so what is its name?

Yes. I have a cat named Socks.

11. Who is your favourite writer of all times?

Can I only pick one? I guess I’d have to choose Kelley Armstrong.


My Five Nominees

AR Neal at Her post “Daily Prompt: The New Normal” was intriguing.

Janine Russell (may be a pen name) at My very first re-blog was her post “An Amateur Blogger’s Tips For Creating A Better-Than-Amateur Blog” and is excellent advice.

Tammye Honey Green at makes curtains, cooks from scratch and still writes daily posts on WordPress.

I recently re-blogged, “Foetal Writer – My list of baby steps.” This post makes some very good points about writing. Here is her “About” page —

Matt, the only male on the list (I think), at also writes a terrific blog.


11 Questions for My Nominees:

  1. When did you begin writing — other than for a school/college assignment?
  2. What type(s) of writing do you participate in (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.)? If more than one, what is your favorite?
  3.  Fiction writers do you write fantasy, science fiction, mystery, mainstream or some combination thereof?
  4.  Who is/are your favorite author(s)? Name up to five.
  5.  Do you have a particular time to write or does it vary?
  6.  What is your favorite writing related quote? Why?
  7.  Are you a member of a writing and/or critique group? If no, have you thought about starting your own?
  8.  Someone invents a time machine, but you can only go to the past to observe. What time period would you choose and why?
  9.  When you’re not writing, what is your favorite hobby?
  10. Other than writing, do you participate in other artistic endeavors? If no, what do you want to try?
  11. Are you published (other than blogs)? If so, where?



I miss you, Mom.

Today’s Daily Prompt is

Hi, Mom!

by michelle w. on May 12, 2013

Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, write your mother a letter.


Dear Mom,

I’m sure you’re doing fine up in Heaven, but let me just take a minute to say, “I Miss You.” You left Earth a little over a year ago, but I miss you as much as, if not more than I did last Mother’s Day.

No, you weren’t the perfect Mom, but who is. Jesus said that no one was perfect, not even him. I know it isn’t a direct quote, but I’m sure you could tell me exactly how it goes. I wish you hadn’t left us with Dad when I was twelve, or I might have been thirteen, but just barely. Being the oldest child of five (at the time) was extremely stressful. I wish you hadn’t moved to Tennessee where we could only see you twice a year. I wish I hadn’t blamed Dad for all those years when it was you who chose to leave. I wish you had come back to stay a lot earlier than you did instead of staying with us six months or a year and then going back to Grandpa’s house. It always made me sad when you went away. I understand parts of your reasoning, but other parts are still just as mysterious as ever.

For a long time, I struggled with not being able to say “Goodbye” or “Thank you” or a lot of other things I wish I had said. I probably said “I love you” or at least wrote it in several letters, but I still wish I had said it a lot more. However, I know you can see what’s in my heart and soul. You can see that I love you and that I forgive you. Does it matter how long it took me to forgive you? I don’t know, but at least I forgave you before God took you away.

Last, but definitely not least, I want to tell you something I discovered just this February. I don’t want to say “Goodbye” anymore. I want to say,

“See you later.”

Your loving (eldest) daughter,


Love is acceptance.

{love and happiness}

{love and happiness} (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is

by michelle w. on May 11, 2013

We each have many types of love relationships — parents, children, spouses, friends. And they’re not always with people; you may love an animal, or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

In my opinion, love is total acceptance of someone or something.

I’m sure you’ve heard that love is blind. What I think that means is we are blind to the faults of who and/or what we love. You have to accept the good, the bad, the beauty, the ugliness and absolutely everything else.

Granted, we don’t have to love a kitten’s sharp claws to love the kitten, but you need to accept that he or she IS going to climb up your pants leg and probably do it a dozen times a week or more. If you can’t, then you shouldn’t have a kitten. In the same manner, you don’t have to love changing a baby’s diaper to love a baby, but you must accept that responsibility.


bananaage (Photo credit: twobobswerver)

Maybe that is why the large majority of us have so much trouble loving ourselves. We know all the bad stuff we’ve done. We know how we secretly make fun of someone. We know when we’re angry, but lie our way out of it. We know when we’re passive-aggressive or at least have an idea that we’re doing it.

But, then again, you have to remember you are no worse than someone else on this planet. You were created in God’s image just like everyone else. Most of all, you must learn to accept your own problems before you can truly accept someone else’s. If God loves everyone — which I believe — then you must be worthy of that love. God accepts you just the way you are, why can’t you?

“I’m fine” really means “Get lost.”

Daily Prompt: Morphing

by michelle w. on May 10, 2013

Language evolves. The meaning of a word can shift over time as we use it differently — think of “cool,” “heavy,” or even “literally.”

Today, give a word an evolutionary push: give a common word a new meaning, explain it to us, and use it in the title of your post.

Several words and an abbreviation or two went through my mind on this prompt, but most of them were already taken. Finally, I chose one of my made-up abbreviations. Within three sentences, I realized this abbreviation sounded too much like another, more X-rated word. So what to do?

I decided to go with “Lost” because I felt lost with this daily prompt. I looked up “Lost” only to find several pages about the television series. I then typed dictionary in my search box and beheld a few definitions that seemed to boring to mention. But, Urban Dictionary gave me this interesting thought:

I’m fine
1. The more polite way to say “… get lost.” 

It’s funny because “I’m fine” is your automated response to “How are you”? And don’t you agree it’s usually said so that the person asking the question will leave you alone? At the very least, you don’t want them to pry into your life.

Therefore, why not fully morph “I’m fine” into “get lost” or “go away” and put it in the Webster Dictionary as such.

If  we really want people to know how we feel, maybe we should buy stickers of different emoticons (now there’s a modern word) and put one or more of them on our bodies.

Here’s my idea: Put a happy face on your face and another sticker for how you really feel on your arm or anywhere it’s less noticeable. Then, only people that really care about you will look at you long enough to see the second sticker and you wouldn’t have to say, “I’m fine” when you really want a person to “Get lost.”



Learn how to be a goddess (or god)

Recently, I found the wonderful Leonie Dawson and her Goddess Guide. Her website is a revelation in being happy, being  yourself, loving yourself and so much more. I was so inspired I signed up for her email “eZine” and bought a 2013 Calendar & Workbook. See more about this below.

I downloaded Leonie’s “Incredible Year” planner on Feb. 14, 2013 and printed it out soon afterwards. I started working on it immediately and love her art work. Click on this link — 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Calendar & Workbook — to order yours for the low price of $9.95. It is absolutely amazing.

Also, I highly recommend Leonie’s Biz & Blog Star Workshop which is free just for subscribing to Leonie’s eZine Signup Page.

Now, I will give you the link to her Main Shop Page because she offers a ton of other goodies.

Time to go for now. I promise to write more about this incredible woman and the miracles she helps create.

Daily Prompt from May 7, 2013

Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

by michelle w. on May 7, 2013

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?

(Make sure to visit one another’s posts today, to check ‘em out and respond!)

Yes, I know this is a day late. However, I find it intriguing enough to answer anyway. I am a fairly new blogger and I’m especially new on WordPress.

After roughly seven months on WordPress, I still have a lot of questions. But the two most important are below:

  • How do you use the WordPress download?
  • How can I send “Press This” articles to my main blog instead of the first one I started? (Can I copy the posts off the first one and then delete it?)

Okay, that’s technically three questions, but the last two are related.

Now, for those brand new bloggers out there, I have found answers to a couple of questions.
  • Like a rainbow after a storm, you often find your “Voice” after writing several pieces you think are absolutely terrible. Write often — not necessarily every day, but aim for once a week — and publish your posts despite your fear of being laughed at or worse. Put your work “out there” so that someone else can see how you’ve developed. Most of the people at WordPress are friendly and encouraging — that’s why I stayed.
  • My next bit of advice is to use your “Widgets” which are under “Appearance” in your dashboard. The most important ones are the RSS and Follow Blog options. Put both of these about midway of your sidebar so that others can easily find them and be able to choose which way to “Follow” you. The RSS option already given on your site isn’t always easy to find or to see if you do find it.
Now, I’m off to check out some of the other blogs on this subject. Check them out below.