OUTLAWS (part one)

I decided to share some of my writing with the good folks at Write About Dragons. Below is a sample:


 I stood outside the border of the Southern Cheyenne reservation, readying my passes. The Cheyenne made no exceptions for whites without documents, not even black-whites as they called my darker race.

A young woman approached me and used sign language to ask for the pad. I knew enough Cheyenne to say, “Good day to you,” but she didn’t answer. Instead, she studied the passes, artfully done in Cherokee syllabary as well as being written in English and Spanish.

I signed to ask, “Where is your partner?” Indian border patrols tended to work in groups of two.

She signed, “Promise not to hurt me?”

“Yes,” I said in Cheyenne and also signed.

She motioned for me to follow her and I took the reins of my horse. A dozen steps down the trail, she pointed to a still form in the shade of a boulder.

Dear Lord, he’s in bad shape.”What happened?” I asked with sign language.

She made motions signifying a man about six feet tall with yellow hair holding a gun. With the imaginary gun, she shot toward the young man by her feet.

Oh, crap! That outlaw, Custer must be out again. The former general was found guilty of disobeying orders and war crimes after massacring hundreds of Lakota and Cheyenne at Little Big Horn. Custer was tried after thousands of people demanded an end to the slaughter of the natives. At his trial, he had the audacity to brag, “But I won!”


You can read more at http://www.writeaboutdragons.com/questions/outlaws-part-one/. It may require you to become a member, but it’s a very good critique group and I encourage you to join me.